Text by:Quartz Co.

Through cold, rain, snow, and ice, our down coats accompany us in all our winter activities, from daily commutes and errands to exciting outdoor activities. Once the cold season comes to an end, however, it’s time to clean and prepare our well-worn winter companions for some much needed down time so they’re ready to take on next year’s adventures.

Do I really need to clean my down coat?

Yes, you should clean your down coat at the end of the winter season, if possible. Cleaning plays a crucial role in optimizing a down coat’s performance and extending its life cycle. The reason Quartz Co.’s down coats are so warm is that the structure of the down traps warm air. This air acts as an isolation barrier between the wearer and the cold outdoor environment, allowing them to better retain their own body heat to keep warm. 

However, for down to retain its warmth, it needs to be kept as dry and lofted as possible. Over time and wear, down becomes compacted and loses its ability to fully loft, which minimizes its ability to retain heat. A proper cleaning restores the down’s loft and your coat’s cold-weather performance abilities. 

Additionally, all Quartz Co. down coats are coated with a C6 durable water repellent (DWR), which provides them with their water-repellent capabilities. Like the coat’s down insulation, this water-repellent coating also needs to be cleaned to maintain its peak performance. The accumulation of dirt caused by pollution and dirty surfaces can impact a coat’s water-repelling power. A proper cleaning can restore the coat’s performance, keeping you warm and dry for the coming winter season.  

Quartz Co.’s down coats are engineered to maintain 90% of their water-repellency after up to 10 washes. If your down coat needs re-proofing, we recommend using Nikwax products. Nikwax waterproofing products come in easy-to-spray packaging and keep moisture while maintaining breathability. 

Should I get my down coat dry cleaned or clean it at home?

As with most specialty garments, down coats require extra care in regard to cleaning, drying, and storage. Luckily, Quartz Co. down coats can be easily machine washed at home. We strongly discourage dry cleaning down products. However, if you have to turn to a professional to wash your clean, we recommend bringing your coat to an environmentally-conscious dry cleaner that has experience washing down coats.

How to clean a down coat at home


Fasten your down coat’s zippers and snaps, and remove its fur trim, if applicable. Before putting your down coat in the washing machine, repair any pre-treat any stains with a specialized product. You should test the product on an inconspicuous area of the coat before applying it to ensure it won’t damage the fabric. We also recommend repairing your down coat before washing to prevent worsening of any pre-existing damage. 


Pre-rinse the parka without detergent in a front-end washing machine. A pre-rinse cycle allows the detergent to penetrate the fabric more deeply to reach the down clusters during the wash cycle.     


Wash the parka at a low temperature. Washing on lower temperatures is beneficial in maintaining the integrity of the parka’s outer fabric and also conserves energy.     


After the initial wash cycle, rinse the parka again without detergent. An additional rinse cycle ensures that all the detergent has been completely removed from the down. Leftover detergent can reduce the down’s filling power.     


Tumble dry on low heat using dryer balls or tennis balls until the parka is completely dry.     


Even if the parka’s exterior feels dry to the touch after the first dry cycle, the down interior may still remain damp. It’s not possible to overdry a down parka in a home dryer, and we always recommend an additional dry cycle to ensure the down is completely dry and able to fully loft.

How to store your down coat

Down coats are seasonal winter garments and, as such, should be stored properly during the summer months. We recommend washing your down coat following the appropriate method prior to storage. Once your down coat is completely dry, place it on a hanger and store it away from direct sunlight.

How to repair your down coat: Quartz Co.’s Repair Service

Your down coat carries you throughout all of your winter activities and, as a result, is prone to regular wear-and-tear. Having your down coat repaired is essential to extending its life cycle, so you can continue wearing it season after season.  

At Quartz Co., we offer our clients a convenient repair service for any damage not covered by our warranty. By repairing rather than discarding worn or damaged garments, we’re partnering with our clients to forge a more sustainable way of consuming by extending the life cycle of garments and reducing clothing waste.