The Vostok: Quartz Co.'s Expedition Jacket

Text by: Quartz Co.

In 1997, Quartz Co. — then known as Quartz Nature — launched its very first jacket, an expedition-grade parka called the Vostok. Over twenty years later, the Vostok remains one of Quartz Co.’s signature styles for its design and utility.

Built to withstand even the most extreme cold, the garment quickly became a favourite of Arctic explorers, scientists, and sea and aircrew personel for its high-utility, high-performing functionality.

Today, the Vostok’s fusion of design and utility makes it a favourite not just among expeditioners, but urban dwellers, as well. The modern interpretation of this extreme-cold classic arrives with all the utility of its predecessor, packed into a more lightweight and streamlined silhouette, engineered as much for the backcountry as the city.

Cut from a durable, water-repellent outer and filled with white duck down, the Vostok delivers exceptional warmth in both extreme cold and moderate city climates. Its classic fur lining, a detail from the coat’s original model, provides unmatched weather-proofing against the extreme conditions that cause frostbite and windburn. Its lightweight construction and engineered fit allows for an extreme range of movement with minimal weight. From its snow belt to its robust pocket system, the Vostok features fully-integrated utility details that make it a refined, highly-functional winter outerwear offering.

Photo by: Alexi Hobbs