All Quartz Co. products are designed and made in Canada.

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Quartz Co. products are made by experienced artisans committed to the quality of their work. Every jacket is individually inspected to provide you with a product that meets our standards of excellence and will stand the test of time. Our warranty covers manufacturing or material defects for the duration of the product’s life. If a product has a manufacturing or material defect, Quartz Co. will repair or replace it without charge and at their discretion. Our warranty does not cover damages caused by inappropriate or excessive use, improper care, an accident (tears, rips, burns, etc.), normal wear and tear, and discoloration of the material due to time and use. If the product is defective, contact your retailer so they can send it to us, along with your proof of purchase. Please ensure the product is clean. Quartz Co. also offers a repair service for any damage to the parka not covered by the warranty.

For any product purchased through one of our retailers, please contact them for any warranty claim. For all purchases made through our website www.quartz-co.com, please send your request by email to info@quartz-co.com and include a description of the issue, the model, size and color of your coat along with your contact information Once we have received the request, we will contact you on the next steps depending on the issue.

The level of warmth of our winter jackets varies according to several internal (physical fitness, energy level, diet, hydration, etc.) and external factors (temperature, wind, humidity, etc.). Most of our jackets provide a comfort zone between -25ºC to -30ºC.

We offer five fits: the slim fit, the semi-fitted fit, the slim-straight fit, the regular fit and the oversized fit.

Down consists of a mass of silky fibers, in the shape of clusters, found underneath the wing and belly feathers of Palmiped, such as geese and ducks. It is this light, downy layer, which keeps waterfowl warm. The clusters, called plumules, are composed of about two million cottony filaments, referred to as barbules. These barbules point in every direction and float free of each other, creating a multitude of air pockets within the plumules. Since air is an excellent insulator, down provides exceptional thermal protection while remaining lightweight. Down quality is measured by its fill power that indicates the volume occupied (in cubic inches) per ounce of down. The higher the fill power, the more lightweight and insulating the down. Quartz Co. uses high quality down with a minimum fill power of 650 in³/oz.

We use down because of its unparalleled insulating properties, breathability and durability. A well maintained down parka will continuously regain its loft and continue to perform while adapting to the body, year after year.

Moreover, down is a clean, natural renewable resource. All the down used by Quartz Co. is a by-product of the Canadian food industry.

We exclusively use 100% Canadian white duck down sourced from farms in Alberta and Quebec. Most of our parkas contain a blend that is 80% down and 20% feathers. The fill power of the down is 650 in³/oz., one of the highest on the market. As for our Expedition parkas, they are insulated with a blend of 90% down and 10% feathers for a fill power of 750 in³/oz. We select and limit our sources to ensure we can trace the origin of our down and thus certify the ethical treatment of the animals. All the down used by Quartz Co. is supplied by Feather Industries and is a certified by-product of the food industry. All our down is treated with the antimicrobial agent Ultra-Fresh, which prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus responsible for the development of unpleasant odors, thus ensuring freshness and durability.

To find out more, visit featherind.com

Fur is a natural, effective and durable material. It provides high-quality protection which is perfect for the conditions in which our parkas are used.  When it lines a parka hood, fur blocks the wind and snow, and creates a hot air zone that protects the face from frostbite.

We use coyote, Finnish racoon and blue fox fur. Our fur comes exclusively from Canada, the United States and Finland and our suppliers guarantee that it has been obtained in compliance with those countries’ laws regarding cruel trapping and farming practices towards fur-bearing animals.

To find out more, visit nafa.ca and sagafurs.com

Quartz Co. products are sold in Canada and in the US as well as in several other countries. You can visit us in our Quartz Co. boutiques or consult our stockists.

Yes, you can now shop at our Quartz Co. boutiques.

Please consult the care instructions section of our website. 

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Yes. We fully honor Quartz Nature's five-year product warranty.

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