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The company opens its factories to produce masks and medical gowns and hoods as part of the effort to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Quartz Co. helps hospitals across the country by reopening the doors of its factories in Montreal and Victoriaville to produce medical garments to answer the urgent call for personal protective equipment (PPE). Since April 20, Quartz Co.’s staff has been back at work manufacturing medical equipment; the factories had been temporarily shut down since March 12. Quartz Co. is proud of its entire team for stepping up and adapting to this rapidly changing reality.

Certified Medical Clothing

Reusable isolation gown (sizes M and L): 100% Canadian laminated polyester fabric. Unisex style with various functional features, such as elastic at the wrists and drawstrings at the waist and neck. They are available in quality levels 1, 2 and 3—1 being the standard and 3 significantly higher—which is what differentiates Quartz Co.’s gowns. Made in Canada.

Reusable medical hood (one size): 100% Canadian laminated polyester fabric. Unisex style with bias cord for fit. Made in Canada.

Other Initiatives

Masks: In addition to medical clothing, Quartz Co. is simultaneously launching two non-surgical masks: an industrial version for its corporate clients and a reusable version that will be added to its permanent clothing collection.

Tote For The Cause: On March 27, Quartz Co. launched a tote bag featuring an illustration inspired by the #socialdistancing movement to support families in need during the COVID-19 crisis. All profits from the sale of these bags will be donated to Quebec food banks.

A safe environment for employees

Quartz Co. is committed to providing its employees with a safe work environment and to complying with government directives. The following measures have been taken:

- Separate work cells to ensure that employees can maintain a safe physical distance at all times.

- Daily questionnaire and temperature checks when employees arrive at work.

- Increase frequency of cleaning of high-traffic areas.

- Provision of hand sanitizer.

- Specific information on health procedures, COVID-19 and what to do when symptoms occur.



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