The Crafting of Ethical Winter Coats

As a company that centers sustainability across all pillars, we strive to be transparent about what we do and how we do it. We don’t just create and sell clothing. Our mission is to build a responsible sourcing system and to foster a community of people who share our vision.


Our responsible practices begin with design. We believe that creating the best product matters most when it comes to reducing our environmental impact, promoting a circular economy, and encouraging conscious consumption. We strive to create timeless, durable, and functional products that serve a purpose, last a lifetime, and are truly non-disposable. These core elements come together in our Montréal-based atelier. Our talented designers, patternmakers, and product developers combine years of expertise in product design, textiles, and sustainable sourcing to create the highest quality, most eco-responsible products possible.


It’s not just our parkas that are ‘Made in Canada’. Our sustainable vision is also deeply rooted in our Canadian heritage. Since our inception, we’ve produced every Quartz Co. winter jacket locally, in our own factories located in Montréal and Victoriaville. Local manufacturing allows us to minimize our environmental footprint throughout the entire production process and to closely oversee the working conditions in our factories. By manufacturing in Québec, we’re also able to create jobs for local artisans, stimulate the local economy, and give back to our immediate community.

Our local artisans ⁠— the talented people who make each Quartz Co. coat ⁠— form the nucleus of our brand. Their expertise lends our garments an exceptional level of quality and their knowledge informs our business decisions every day. We honour our artisans by ensuring that they receive everything they need to thrive in their craft. We do this by ensuring fair work conditions and wages for all our employees, and providing safe work environments in our factories.


We strive to produce as many of our products as we can, locally, in Canada. When it comes to certain products, however, Canadian-based production isn’t always the best or most sustainable option. In these cases, we partner with international factories that share our sustainable vision and take a vertical, localized approach to production. Our partnering factories are experts in their respective garment categories and produce entire garments locally, from sourcing to finished product. We select these partners not only for their expertise but for their responsible manufacturing practices, working exclusively with factories that ensure fair labour conditions and safe work environments for all their employees.


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