Quartz Co. products are made by experienced artisans committed to the quality of their work. Every parka is individually inspected to provide you with a product that meets our standards of excellence and will stand the test of time.  


Our warranty covers manufacturing and material defects for the duration of the product’s life. If a product has a manufacturing or material defect, Quartz Co. will repair it or may replace it without charge and at their discretion.

Our warranty does not cover damages caused by inappropriate or excessive use, improper care, an accident (tears, rips, burns, etc.), normal wear and tear, or discoloration of the material due to time and use. If the product is defective, contact your retailer so they can send it to us, along with your proof of purchase. Your jacket must be clean for us to repair it. We reserve the right to refuse repair if a coat is in too much of a poor condition. In that case, it will be shipped back to its owner, at his expense.

The customer is responsible for handling the shipping costs to our repair center. We will take care of the shipping costs back to the customer if the claim is covered under the warranty. Please make sure to use a carrier that provides tracking facility and proof of delivery as you are responsible of your product until we sign for its reception.

Quartz Co. fully honors Quartz Nature’s 5 years product warranty.


Our parkas are made to last for many years. Follow these tips to prolong their life and maintain their level of performance. 

1. Cleaning

All Quartz Co. jackets are machine washable, however, Quartz Co. would like to note that down jackets in the colors ivory and oatmeal require special care when cleaning. Please get your ivory or oatmeal jackets cleaned locally, or sent to a specialist cleaner, to ensure they last a lifetime in their proper color.

We recommend you avoid dry cleaning. Remove all the fur and leather pieces if possible. Never machine-wash the fur. Close the jacket and remove the hood from the collar (if applicable). Wash your jacket in a front-loading washing machine. If you have a top-loading machine with an agitator, it is recommended you place your parka in a mesh wash bag to protect it during the wash cycle. Wash in cold water using the gentle cycle. Use a mild laundry detergent that does not contain bleach. Do not use fabric softener. Tumble dry on low heat with dryer balls (or tennis balls). Down that is not properly dried can affect the parka’s properties. Since humid down loses loft, the jacket will provide less insulation. Once the jacket is dry, place it on a hanger and store it away from sunlight.

2. Storage

Store your jacket in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Store the fur flat in a paper bag or a cardboard box and place in cool, dry place. Do not store the fur in a plastic container, a cedar trunk or a refrigerator, as these conditions will prematurely dry out your fur. Avoid compressing the fur in a plastic bag or garment bag.For optimal storing conditions, use the services of a professional.

3. Loss of down

It is completely normal to lose some of the parka’s down through the fabric or the seams. Since the down is composed of very fine fibers, these can sometimes pass through the small holes in the fabric’s weave created by the needle during the parka’s manufacture. In this case, we recommend you avoid pulling on the down so as not to enlarge the hole and damage your parka. With a pointy object, instead try to reinsert the down into the parka and then lightly rub the area. If your parka loses quite a bit of down, this could be a sign of a more serious issue. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to contact us.

4. Repairs and alterations

Quartz Co. offers a repair service for any damages that may not be covered by the warranty. If the product was purchased from our website, send us an email to info@quartz-co.com, if purchased from an authorized retailer please contact them for more information.

For repairs, clients are responsible for shipping their item to Quartz Co for reparation, while Quartz Co bears the responsibility of shipping the repaired item back to clients.


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