Quartz Co. and the Promise of Innovative Winter Clothing

Since our inception, our corporate mission has been rooted in a reverence for the natural world. In 1997, Quartz Nature was founded as a purveyor of cold climate apparel for outdoor dwellers and Arctic explorers, alike. Since 2015, as Quartz Co., we’ve centered nature in a new way. Today, we place responsibility 
at the forefront of our mission with the goal of protecting the environments
and people our products are made for. With a focus on technological innovation, considered design, craftsmanship, and ethical business practices, our mission is to shift the paradigm of the outerwear industry and pioneer the future of sustainable performance. 


From the textiles we source to the garments we create, we place the planet at the forefront of every decision we make. Through sourcing to manufacturing we’re committed to using the most ethical and low-impact materials, processes, and technologies available in order to minimize our environmental footprint.

We design for longevity, creating timeless, functional garments that last a lifetime and serve a purpose. We hold our suppliers to the highest environmental standards and source only the most eco-responsible materials on the market. We believe in circularity ⁠‒ reusing, reducing, repairing, and recycling ⁠‒ and strive to encourage a conscious approach to consumption within our clients and on a global scale.


Our clothes are about people: both those who wear them and the talented individuals who create them. As such, we center social sustainability in our corporate mission. We create our products based on the principles of respect, equity, and safety. We strive to honour their ingenuity and expertise with a company culture of excellence, respect, and innovation.

We implement our values by offering competitive salaries and empowering work environments for all Quartz Co. employees, and by hiring without discrimination. We hold our suppliers to the same high social standards, partnering only with factories who can ensure fair pay and safe work conditions.


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