Text by: Quartz Co.

Cold, rain, snow, ice... This winter, our coats accompanied us in our everyday city commutes and seasonal outdoor adventures alike. Now it's time to clean them so they're ready to face what's left of the cold season, in style. 

Do I really need to clean my down winter jacket? 

Yes, you should if you can! The reason why down winter jackets like those of Quartz Co. are so warm is that the structure of the down traps air. This air acts as an isolation barrier between you and the cold outdoor air and allows your body to retain the heat it releases.

However, for down to retain its warmth, it must stay as dry and fluffed as possible. Over time, down can become compacted. This can be easily fixed by cleaning your jacket.

A jacket’s waterproof coating also needs to be clean to continue to function properly. The accumulation of dirt caused by sitting down on dirty surfaces or simply by being exposed to pollution in the city can, therefore, have an impact on the jacket’s waterproofing power. Once again, a quick mid-season clean can help its initial efficiency.

Should I get my winter jacket dry cleaned or clean it at home? 

As with your other investment clothing, check the labels inside the jacket to see if it can be machine washed or if you need to have it professionally washed. If you have to turn to a professional to wash your coat, make sure that your dry cleaner is experienced in washing down coats.  

How to clean a down winter jacket at home 

If your jacket has genuine fur trim, it should be removed.

Before putting your jacket in the washing machine, you should pretreat any stains with a specialized product. You can test it on an inconspicuous section of the coat before applying it to the stain to make sure it won’t damage the fabric.

Wash your jacket alone in cold water with a detergent specially formulated for down products. Then, put it in the dryer in low heat, by itself, to allow the down to expand as much as possible. Pro tip: use wool dryer balls or tennis balls to help the down expand.

At regular intervals during the drying process, take the coat out of the dryer to massage it and separate any clumps of down that may have formed.

Washing your winter jacket regularly through its years of service is a good way to keep it in excellent condition, season after season. Next to investing in the perfect winter coat, taking good care of your investment is the best way to make sure it lasts you for many winters to come without losing its appeal, shape or performance. Your future self will thank you!