Quartz Co. X Altitude Sports

Text by: Francois-Xavier Robert

Last year, Quartz Co. and Altitude Sports collaborated to create the world’s first winter jacket insulated using milkweed. Back by popular demand, this collaboration has returned for another year.

Milkweed is grown within Quebec by the Monark® Cooperative. The name given to the insulation created from the milkweed is Monark® Cavity. It is known for its ability to retain thermal capacities despite the presence of humidity, making it an ideal insulation for winter jackets. In addition to its reliable performance, the Monark® Cavity insulation can store heat exceptionally well even when the fiber is compressed in a crease. This fiber is also lightweight, renewable, and hypoallergenic, and as we will discover, it does a lot more than boast excellent insulating properties.

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It's hard to believe that milkweed, which was once considered a noxious weed, is now being utilized and appreciated for its fiber. It is currently the only plant-based insulation on the market and the crops have a beneficial impact on the survival of the Monarch butterfly. During their stay in North America, Monarch’s will mainly feed on milkweed and lay their eggs on the plant leaves. Therefore, cultivating milkweed not only provides a unique form of insulation but also encourages the growth of this at-risk species.

Last year, the insulation was successfully tested during an ascent of Everest, and more recently, the Canadian Coast Guard used it on a trip to Northern Canada.

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We are once again proud to join forces with Altitude Sports for this second collection of milkweed-insulated winter jackets that will be available in limited quantities on Altitude-sports.com.

Discover new models and brave the winter elements. Live the milkweed experience.

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