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Why you should consider a long winter jacket

A long winter jacket is the best friend of those who needs a little help getting out of bed on chilly winter mornings. As comfortable as a duvet that can be worn outside, a long winter coat wraps your body from head to toe without hindering your style. If you're sensitive to the cold and want to avoid the bite of polar winds on your legs, a long jacket is a great option to keep you warm below the waist even during snowstorms. Ideally, choose a design with a double zipper to prevent the wind from getting under the hem of your jacket and wear tall, isolated winter boots. You’ll be all set to face the cold.

Finding a long winter jacket is not as easy, especially for women who are tall.  It can be difficult for them to find a warm winter jacket that goes down below the knees.For this reason, we suggest the Quartz Co. Jane down winter jacket. 

Jane is the longest style offered in the collection and is designed for style, performance and comfort. From neck to base the jacket measures 114cm providing you maximum warmth. Offered in six colors: Black, Navy, Light Grey, Military Green, Red, and Rockridge, which color will you choose?

How to wear a long winter jacket

Don't let the negative temperatures discourage you, you can face the cold in style. Get inspired by the wave of celebrities or influencers who we are spotting all winter long bundled up in their long winter jackets. A long and versatile winter jacket allows you to draw attention to your accessories especially during the beginning or the end of the season, when the weather is milder.

Since your long jacket is designed to keep you warm, you can take advantage of your daily work commute by public transport, or a night-out in the city without compromising your style.

In order to accessorize while protecting yourself from the elements, stay with the oversized puffer theme by wrapping yourself in a Quartz Co. down scarf and a warm wool tuque.  

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