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Like most items we intend to keep and use for years to come, a winter coat is an investment piece. We rely on our winter coats to deliver us warmth and comfort all season long, wearing it practically everyday for months. A quality winter coat will last you years of everyday wear. Because a winter coat is one of our most durable purchases and our most-worn garments, it’s worth taking the time to choose the one that’s right for you. When it comes to winter outerwear, the options are many - and Quartz Co. delivers when it comes to selection. We provide winter coats in a range of fits, shapes, materials, and warmth to suit a wide spectrum of all-weather dwellers. Whether you prefer down to synthetic insulators, or whether you live in an extreme cold rather than a mild climate, Quartz Co. has you covered. To help you narrow down your selection and choose the style that suits your lifestyle, we’ve outlined the most important factors to consider when choosing a winter coat. 


From fitted down coats to directional oversized styles, Quartz Co. provides a range of fits that cater to a wide variety of lifestyles and preferences. The first step in choosing your preferred fit is to determine your size. Once you’ve determined your size, you can find which fit is right for you. To determine your preferred fit, you’ll need to consider a few different factors, including whether you’d like your coat to fit snugly or loosely, and whether you’d like to wear it with lighter or heavier layers.

Visit our “Size & Fit Guide,” where you will find a size chart and a list of step-by-step instructions on how to take your body measurements, along with detailed descriptions of each fit to determine which is right for you. 


First and foremost, winter jackets are designed to deliver warmth. That’s why, when choosing your new coat, it’s important to consider the type of climate in which you’ll be wearing it.

Quartz Co.'s lightweight coats are designed to deliver breathable warmth and comfort in mild cold (0 Co. /32 °F to -10 Co. /14 °F). These styles can be worn indoors and outdoors, year-round either on their own or as part of a layering system. All of our lightweight coats are insulated with either traceable down or recycled synthetic insulations to withstand mild-climate and transitional-season weather. Quartz Co.'s range of lightweight styles are protected by a durable water repellent and are resistant to the wetness and dampness that comes with the colder seasons.

Quartz Co.'s winter coats are designed to deliver warmth in extreme cold (-20 Co. / -4 °F to -40 Co. /40 °F). These styles are insulated with either traceable down or recycled synthetic insulations to withstand harsh winter climates, with some styles designed to protect even against Arctic temperatures. Quartz Co.'s range of winter coats are made from waterproof and breathable fabrics and are protected by a durable water repellent to deliver dryness and comfort during the cold season.

Visit our "Materials & Certifications", where you will find the complete list and detailed descriptions.



Two-way zippers – which open from the bottom and the top – allow you to adjust the comfort level of your winter coat and increase mobility.


Adjustable features will improve your winter coat’s insulating capabilities. An adjustable waistband will allow your coat to retain more body heat in the torso area, while an adjustable hood and storm cuffs will protect your neck and wrists from the cold.


Think of the number of pockets you might need, as well as the pockets’ location, size, and orientation. Fleece-lined pockets will provide additional warmth, especially when it comes to hand pockets.


Check if the hood is detachable or not. This is a very practical feature if you wear your coat through multiple seasons, and not just on particularly cold days or winter storms.


Finally, you’ll want to know whether your winter jacket comes with a warranty. Winter jackets are investment pieces, meant to last many years of daily wear and tear. All Quartz Co. coats come with a lifetime warranty. With this warranty, we guarantee our products against defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the product, so you can wear it every winter, year in and year out.


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