Winter Diaries | Olivia Leblanc

When Olivia Leblanc quit her job as a buyer to become an assistant stylist at ELLE, she never looked back. Today, you can spot her styling everywhere from magazine fashion...

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Winter Diaries | Max Mackee

DJ, lawyer, entrepreneur…what hasn’t Max Mackee done? Now, as a founding member of Origami and its Director of International, he aims to change Japan’s cash culture and innovate its work...

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Winter Diaries | High Klassified

This 25-year-old Quebec-based producer has worked with such artists as Future and The Weeknd. Here, Kevin also known as High Klassified, gives us some insight into his creative process.

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Winter Diaries | Ace Tee

For Tarin Wilda, Ace Tee was a side project she developed while working to become a hairstylist. In 2017, she decided to take the leap and start a full-time career...

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Winter Diaries | Norman

This Toronto photographer has been collecting movies since he was a child; for him, he says, it’s a way to study people and their expressions and then apply it to...

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Winter Diaries | Magalie

Known for her roles in the movie Laurence Anyways (Xavier Dolan) and on the hit Quebec TV series 19-2 and District 31, Magalie Lépine-Blondeau talks about her creative process and what...

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Winter Diaries | Azamit

Designer and visual storyteller Azamit talks about the importance of buying local and supporting our environment and artists/creators—which is why she  created Souk@SAT.  

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Winter Diaries | Shayne Laverdière

Recognized for his elegant yet simple cinematic approach, Shayne has photographed many of today’s leading artists like Michael Fassbender, Adele, Jessica Chastain, Natalie Portman and Xavier Dolan. We follow him around...

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Winter Diaries | KROY

KROY, otherwise known as Camille Poliquin, says she finds it easier to write during the gloomy winter months and that writing about the hardships in life helps her to better...

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Winter Diaries | David McMillan

David McMillan, chef and co-owner of Joe Beef, Liverpool House and Vin Papillon, gives us a peek inside his “multi-use” shed—where he likes to cook on a wood stove, paint,...

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