Port Franc | Crossing towards La Rochelle

In collaboration with Port-Franc Logistique, our jackets commenced their 30 day journey across the Atlantic towards La Rochelle, France aboard the Avontuur.


Port Franc's mission is to provide clean, sea and shore-based transport services to accelerate the local and transcontinental deployment of sustainable mobility. They want to combine tradition and modernity, durability, simple and refined aesthetics, and thus launch the first transatlantic route conveyed by wind alone in the 21st century between France and Canada.

Port Franc

The trip began on Friday, October 6th, where the jackets were packed up from our warehouse and loaded on to an electric truck from Nordresa, a company specializing in the development, manufacture and marketing of electric drive systems for commercial vehicles. As the coats reached the Port of Montreal, they were ready to embark on an adventure on the Avontuur.



Port Franc 1


Port Franc 3

Avontuur 1

Avontuur 2

Avontuur 3

Avontuur 4

Avontuur 5Avontuur 6

Avontuur 7

Avontuur 8

After 30 days across the ocean, our coats have reached La Rochelle safe sound. Shop the coats at the Port-Franc store until the end of December. 
Location: 20 Saint-Claude Street, 75003, Paris, France



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