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To celebrate the spirit of community, arts and culture, Quartz Co. is pleased to partner with Pierre-François Ouellette art contemporain to present two works by artist Chih-Chien Wang at its brand-new boutique in Montreal.

For the grand opening of its first store, Quartz Co. wanted to present a first collaboration with Canadian artist Chih-Chien Wang—originally from Taiwan and now based in Montreal—whose work is recognized and collected by several museums and public institutions around the world.

"My work explores everyday life, everyday experience. I use photography and video to recreate and examine these moments. Sometimes they reflect my understanding of people, sometimes they reflect the society I am part of, sometimes they reflect the city I live in, and sometimes they respond to my self-doubt. These moments occur so often that it seems normal not to see them. But from the moment we become aware of them, they establish a dialogue within us.” - Chih-Chien Wang 

Chih-Chien showcases the aesthetic of nature. These photos are a representation of our daily lives and a clin d’oeil to how objects we live with impact us. Through contemporary still life, he infuses a subtle poetry to our day to day.

"My practice is dedicated to a process of approaching individual perceptions of reality through considering the construction of language, meaning, identity, memory and emotion while examining the exercise of art making." – Chih-Chien Wang 

It’s inevitable to make links between Chih-Chien's creative process and the story behind the latest Quartz Co.'sFORWARD Collection.Having a major sustainable shift this season, we are more and more asking ourselves about the environmental impact of our daily actions.

We invite you to visit us at 5445 de Gaspé in Montreal to admire Chih-Chien Wang's latest works.

For more informations about the gallery or Chih-Chien’s work, please visit or contact

Photos by : and PFOAC



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